Are the Models Untestable?

Some global warming deniers assert that the global climate models (GCMs) used to analyze and predict climate change can be ignored because they are "untestable" or "have no predictive ability." In the words of "Mug Wump" on the Science Discussion Forum "Global Warming is Nothing but a Hoax and a Scare Tactic:"

If you had any scientific evidence that human CO2 causes global warming, you would have produced it by now. Ergo, reality eludes you. Don't believe or argue with me. There are many, many scientists who once rubbed shoulders with the AGW idiots like brothers that can't take enough showers now to wash off the stink--they've come clean and have acknowledged that global warming alarmism is nothing but a hoax. Amaze us all and admit that simple fact. While you're at it, why not admit that GCMs have been shown to have zero predictive ability? Oh wait, you can't: that requires an understanding of math. It's a lot easier for you to stick to the a Leftist-libs' kind of 'truth' and continue sticking science and the search for objective truth in the back.
-Posted Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009, at 5:28 PM PDT.

Are the models, in fact, untestable? Are they unable to make valid predictions? Let's review the record. Global Climate Models have successfully predicted:

Seventeen correct predictions? Looks like a pretty good track record to me.

Are there problems with the models, and areas where they haven't gotten it right yet? Sure there are. The double Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone which shows up in some coupled models, ENSO variability, insufficiently sensitive sea ice, diurnal cycles of moist convection, and the exact response of climate to clouds are all areas of ongoing research. But the models are still the best thing we have for climate prediction under different scenarios, and there is no reason at all to think they're getting the overall picture wrong.

Note added 8/04/2010: Lots of people have asked me to document both the predictions and the confirmations. Here they are in a couple of tables. Read 'em and weep, Rush.

References for Predictions and Confirming Observations

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